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Maryland women’s basketball moves up to No. 7 in latest selection committee rankings

The Terps have climbed to a 2-seed.

NCAA Womens Basketball: Connecticut at Maryland Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland women’s basketball moved up two spots to No. 7 in the selection committee’s most recent rankings, which were revealed during halftime of the Terps’ game at Ohio State.

Maryland was able to move up by going 3-0 in the past two weeks and having some of the teams above them falter. The Terps ended up losing to Ohio State, which could potentially bring them down when the committee releases its next rankings.

Florida State was fifth in the previous rankings, but has also dropped two games since then, losing to No. 8 Texas and Virginia. All four Pac-12 teams in the committee’s previous rankings all lost a game in the past two weeks, and every one of them except Oregon State lost to a team in the committee’s top 16.

The only team to leap-frog the Terps was Texas, who jumped from No. 11 to No.6 after wins over No. 2 Baylor and No. 4 Florida State. The Longhorns also lost at Oklahoma on Saturday.

Connecticut remained atop the committee’s rankings, joined in the top four by Mississippi State, Baylor and Notre Dame.

Despite moving up in the rankings, the Terps are still well below their No. 2 ranking in the AP Poll. Maryland’s No. 20 RPI and No. 112 strength of schedule still appear to be hurting them, as both rankings are well below the teams ranked ahead of them.

The Terps may not stay as a 2-seed for long, as they lost 98-87 to No. 12 Ohio State Monday night. Maryland will return home Sunday for its final game of the regular season against Minnesota before heading to Indianapolis for the Big Ten tournament.


Rank School Record
Rank School Record
1 Connecticut 26-0
2 Mississippi State 27-1
3 Baylor 25-2
4 Notre Dame 25-3
5 South Carolina 22-4
6 Texas 21-5
7 Maryland 26-1
8 Oregon State 25-3
9 Florida State 24-4
10 Stanford 24-4
11 Duke 24-4
12 Washington 25-4
13 UCLA 20-7
14 Louisville 23-6
15 Kentucky 19-8
16 Oklahoma 20-5