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Week 1 FanPulse Top 25: Testudo Times readers once again deny Texas

Rankings from both our Terps community and the whole SB Nation college network.

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 01 Texas v Maryland Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Earlier this month, we asked you to sign up for the SB Nation FanPulse community, where readers will be able to vote for a own college football top 25 poll and also participate in surveys once the season starts.

Before the season started, we released the Testudo Times FanPulse Preseason Poll. Your voices have once again been heard and the Week 1 results are in, both for our site exclusively and the SB Nation college football community as a whole.

And don’t worry — if you weren’t able to sign up in time for the Week 1 poll, you can still join to share your input HERE.

Below are the Week 1 rankings, according to Testudo Times readers.

Testudo Times FanPulse Week 1 Poll

Ranking School Record Previous (TT)
Ranking School Record Previous (TT)
1 Clemson 1-0 1
2 Alabama 1-0 2
3 Georgia 1-0 3
4 Oklahoma 1-0 4
5 Ohio State 1-0 5
6 LSU 1-0 11
7 Michigan 1-0 6
8 Auburn 1-0 18
9 Florida 1-0 7
10 Notre Dame 1-0 8
11 Texas 1-0 10
12 Texas A&M 1-0 9
13 Washington 1-0 12
14 Utah 1-0 16
15 Penn State 1-0 14
16 UCF 1-0 15
17 Oregon 0-1 13
18 Wisconsin 1-0 17
19 Michigan State 1-0 23
20 Iowa 1-0 19
21 Washington State 1-0 NR
22 Syracuse 1-0 NR
23 Iowa State 1-0 20
24 Stanford 1-0 NR
25 Nebraska 1-0 24

The biggest shakeup comes by way of Auburn, who took a 27-21 victory over Oregon, a team ranked No. 13 in the TT preseason poll (No. 12 across SB Nation, No. 16 AP). The Tigers move up to No. 8, while the Ducks manage to stay high in the rankings at No. 17 despite the loss.

Other notable changes include Florida dropping to No. 9 from No. 7 after squeaking by with a 24-20 win over Miami in a highly critiqued game on both sides. Michigan falls to No. 7 from No. 6, with LSU taking over the No. 6 spot. The Wolverines took a 40-21 win over Middle Tennessee, which wasn’t as much of a beatdown as fans seemed to be hoping for. After all, not everyone can produce out a 79-0 victory.

And here is the top-25 from readers across SB Nation’s college network. This was calculated by averaging all the team-specific polls.

The Testudo Times poll and the SB Nation network poll are pretty similar, with just two changes. Unsurprisingly, our site’s readers had Texas lower than everyone else for the second consecutive week, putting the Longhorns at No. 11 while they ranked No. 9 across the network. Our audience’s Texas ranking swapped with Florida. The Longhorns beat Louisiana Tech 45-15 Saturday.

The other change is that Terp fans had Syracuse ranked at No. 22, whereas the network put the Orange at No. 21 — the same as the AP Top 25.

Be sure to sign up if you haven’t already, and get ready to vote in the next poll after week two of the college football season. If Maryland can knock off Syracuse, it might have a case to at least receive votes.