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Maryland football reenters Testudo Times FanPulse Top 25

The Terps were voted No. 25 by our readers, while being voted the first team out by the SB Nation college network.

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Maryland football at Temple 2019 Sarah Sopher / Testudo Times

Four weeks of college football have already gone by, and the latest Testudo Times FanPulse Top 25 poll is out.

In August, we asked you to sign up for the SB Nation FanPulse community, where readers will be able to vote for their own college football top 25 poll and also participate in surveys. But don’t worry — if you weren’t able to sign up in time for the Week 4 poll, you can still join to share your input HERE.

Below are the Week 4 rankings, according to Testudo Times readers.

Testudo Times FanPulse Week 4 Poll

Ranking School Record Previous (TT)
Ranking School Record Previous (TT)
1 Clemson 4-0 1
2 Alabama 4-0 2
3 Georgia 4-0 3
4 LSU 4-0 4
5 Oklahoma 3-0 5
6 Ohio State 4-0 6
7 Auburn 4-0 8
8 Wisconsin 3-0 13
9 Florida 4-0 9
10 Texas 3-1 12
11 Notre Dame 3-1 7
12 Penn State 3-0 14
13 Oregon 3-1 15
14 Utah 3-1 10
15 Texas A&M 2-1 16
16 Iowa 3-0 18
17 Michigan State 3-1 21
18 Michigan 2-1 11
19 USC 3-1 25
20 Boise State 4-0 20
21 Washington State 3-1 19
22 Washington 3-1 22
23 UCF 3-1 17
24 Virginia 4-0 23
25 Maryland 2-1 NR

After falling out of the rankings last week (but coming in No. 24 in the network poll), Maryland was voted No. 25 by Testudo Times readers this time around. Arizona State dropped out of the No. 24 spot after losing 34-31 to Colorado in Week 4.

Besides that swap, the rest of the teams in the Top 25 remained the same. Michigan was by far the biggest shift, going from No. 11 to No. 18 following a 35-14 loss to Wisconsin, who moved up five spots.

The Terps’ Week 5 opponent, Penn State, moved up two spots to No. 12 after its bye week. Pittsburgh, who the Nittany Lions beat 17-10 on Sept. 14, handed UCF its first regular-season loss since November 2016, — making the win a lot more quality.

We have also surveyed our readers weekly to see how confident they feel in the direction of Maryland football. The percentage of confident fans has dropped over the past two weeks.

And here is the top-25 from readers across SB Nation’s college network. This was calculated by averaging all the team-specific polls.

There isn’t too big of a shift between the two polls, but there is one key difference. The network-wide poll doesn’t include the Terps (though they were first on receiving votes), putting California in the No. 25 following the Golden Bears’ fourth straight win. California earned more respect in the AP Top 25, coming in as the No. 15 team in the country.

Be sure to sign up if you haven’t already, and get ready to vote in the next poll after Week 5 of the college football season.