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The Maryland football injury update: Josh Jackson, Anthony McFarland Jr. and Terrance Davis

After being hindered with injuries, the Terps are starting to get healthy again.

Anthony McFarland Maryland football vs Temple Sarah Sopher / Testudo Times

Maryland football has been burdened by injuries this season, with six players suffering season-ending afflictions since the spring. But this week, head coach Mike Locksley will have three key members return from short-term impairments.

Running back Anthony McFarland Jr. and quarterback Josh Jackson are both back at “full 100 percent,” Locksley announced at a press conference Tuesday.

“They’re at 100 percent in terms of their expectation to play this Saturday,” Locksley said. “It’s good to be able to have both those guys back as weapons for us from an offensive standpoint.”

McFarland was dealing with a high ankle sprain that kept him limited in practice for the last four to five weeks, though he only missed a full game against Indiana. Jackson suffered a mid-foot, high ankle injury, on Oct. 5 against Rutgers.

“I think the time off for Ant last week, really helped speed up the recovery. He’s got a lot of a swelling out. Yesterday in practice, he looked to be at full speed, which was good to see,” Locksley said. “Then to see Josh be able to take reps again with the first team, it’s great to have both those guys back.”

And right guard Terrance Davis was back practicing with the team Monday, though no official statement was made on his status. He is the most experienced offensive lineman on the team and went down with a MCL tear during the Temple game on Sept. 14, which was a big blow.

All three guys are should give a boost to the Terps’ offense against Minnesota this week. Locksley hasn’t named a starting quarterback for the game, but hinted at using both Jackson and Tyrrell Pigrome, depending on the situation. In every game this season with both guys healthy, Locksley’s used the non-starter for at least one snap.

“Having had some success and been a part of having to do some of this last year with Jalen [Hurts] and Tua [Tagovailoa], we’re always going to have a plan for both quarterbacks when they’re healthy, to be able to utilize them within a game plan,” Locksley said. “Whether it’s packages, whether it’s plays.

“...Both bring something to the table that allows us to attack people a certain way. Therefore definitely whether planning both at the same time, one plays one series, one the other. We will always have plans and packages of ways to utilize both those guys.”