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Your guide to a Saturday without Maryland football, complete with games to watch, an open thread and more

Welcome to Maryland Bye Week Saturday.

maryland football-schedule-tv-games-ohio state-penn state Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland football isn’t playing today, and that’s okay!

Get out of your house and do something that makes the people who deal with your annoying sports habit happy for a while. You’ll be happy you did. I mean, I won’t be doing that. But you probably should.

Whether you’re planting yourself in front of a screen all day or going outside to do whatever it is normal people do on fall Saturdays, this blog post right here has some games to keep track of.

I’ll sum that up quickly if you’re unsure about committing a day to college football when your team isn’t even playing:

  • The noon slot has some fun games, with WVU-Texas Tech, Clemson-Syracuse and BC-Temple seeming to provide the most intrigue.
  • Michigan-Northwestern at 4:30 is a preview of what the Terps face next week, and is the only late-afternoon game that pops out to me.
  • Penn State-Ohio State at 7:30 is the kind of game that’s worth planning around. If you have a second screen, definitely throw Notre Dame-Stanford on there.

And boom, there’s your Saturday! This post will also serve as our open thread for the day. Ask any questions you have or just hang out and talk. Y’all know the drill.

Suggested reading to go along with today’s games: