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Watch Maryland’s Jordan McNair press conference, with live updates

Everything you need to know from Friday’s release of Walters investigation findings.

maryland football-press conference-tv channel-live stream-sept 21-2018 Camille Fine-USA TODAY NETWORK

The University System of Maryland Board of Regents held a press conference on Friday, Sept. 21 to announce the findings from the investigation into Jordan McNair’s death.

The Board is scheduled to brief the media from the campus at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. Below, find the press conference in its entirety and some brief notes from it.

Maryland football press conference live stream

From the Big Ten Network:

Live updates from Maryland’s Board of Regents press conference

When things get started, we’ll post some updates down here. Once the press conference ends, we’ll drop some links to the newsiest things from it.

Not a whole lot of specifics near the end. We’ll have more updates shortly.

Walters says McNair was not put in a cold tub because, essentially, he was too big and there was worry that staff members would not be able to properly do that. Whether it was just because he was too big or because Maryland did not have the proper equipment is unclear.

Walters says six total Maryland football players were interviewed as part of this investigation, along with the strength and coaching staffs. We’ll certainly look more into this fact, because only talking to six players seems, well, concerning.

The press conference has started. Updates above.

While we wait, some pertinent information:

  • The McNair family saw the report Thursday night, and it doesn’t look like DJ Durkin is going down as part of *this particular report* (keep scrolling pls).