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Jordan McNair’s parents have now seen Maryland’s investigation findings after expressing concerns

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

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It’s Friday, which means it’s finally time for the University System of Maryland Board of Regents to release findings from the university report commissioned this summer to examine the circumstances that led to Jordan McNair’s death.

The Board meets Friday at 9 a.m. and will close its session at approximately 11. “Findings will be shared publicly later that afternoon,” reads the release announcing the meeting. “The conclusions are expected to be made public after the Regents discuss it,” a Tuesday Baltimore Sun story says.

Specifically, though, we really don’t know what will happen. There haven’t been any leaks about who might receive blame once the findings are released, and we don’t know the format in which the school will release the findings. I wrote about this yesterday:

It seems the public will get the information from this investigation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean any major events will take place specifically on Friday.

What could happen? Some educated guesses:

It’s possible the school takes action, whether it’s firing, settlement or suspension, against non-coaching staff members for not following proper protocol leading up to McNair’s death.

It’s possible Durkin is cleared by the university of wrongdoing specifically in McNair’s death. (That wouldn’t exonerate him from the allegations being investigated by the other committee).

It’s possible Durkin and/or other coaches or athletic staff members are ousted from the program in some fashion or suspended. Should this happen, I imagine the news isn’t released until later on Friday but could leak first.

It’s possible the Board takes no further action against anyone. Seems unlikely, but possible.

If Durkin or a high-level staff member is fired or “parted with,” it’s highly unlikely that news is announced at a press conference. That kind of thing leaks just about every time.

Jordan McNair’s parents have seen the report after expressing concerns that Maryland was not communicating with them as recently as Thursday.

A letter from the McNair family attorney to the Board of Regents obtained by The Washington Post and ESPN on Thursday argued that the McNair parents should be allowed to review the investigation’s findings before the school releases them to the public, and said the family had not received any updates about the investigation and found out through the media that the findings were being released this week.

A school spokesman told The Post in the story published Thursday:

“The Office of the Attorney General has reached out to the McNair family’s representatives to assure them of those facts and to discuss ways to accommodate their concerns while maintaining the board’s commitment to transparency.”

Reporting from ESPN’s Heather Dinich indicates Maryland released the report to the McNair family Thursday night, and adds a tidbit about what we might hear once the findings are released.

The McNairs’ attorneys filed a “notice of claims” in August that gives them the right to sue within the next year. The filing claims more $30 million in damages.

For review:

This post was published before Heather Dinich’s tweet on Friday morning, and has been updated to include it.

In other news

University System Chancellor Robert Caret’s interview with Washington Business Journal is worth your time to prep for today. “ If all the studies show [Durkin] did nothing wrong, he should go back to coaching as far as I’m concerned” certainly sticks out.

This is linked to up top, but here’s a primer on what we know about today’s meeting.

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