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Maryland’s Board of Regents to be briefed on Walters investigation findings Sept. 21

The investigation into Jordan McNair’s death is nearing its close.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The University System of Maryland announced Wednesday that the details of the investigation into Jordan McNair’s death will be released the afternoon of Sept. 21.

After calling a special closed-door meeting on Aug. 17, the Board of Regents announced they’d be taking over the Walters Inc. investigation into McNair’s death. That contract runs out on Sept. 15, but the board won’t be briefed until Sept. 21, at its first regularly scheduled meeting of the academic year.

The initial results of the investigation were released Aug. 14 at a joint press conference with university president Wallace Loh and athletic director Damon Evans. These results found that McNair was not properly diagnosed and treated for heatstroke at the practice. At the same press conference, Loh announced a second investigation into Maryland football’s culture, also taken over by the board of regents.

The team will be briefed by lead investigator Dr. Rod Walters in another closed door session, in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. The results should be available to the public later that afternoon. On Tuesday, the lawyer for McNair’s parents said they were waiting for the investigation results before they can decide whether or not to go forward with a lawsuit.

The investigation results will come in a day before Maryland plays Minnesota at home on Saturday, Sept. 22.