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Breaking down Maryland football’s uniform changes

Some subtle changes made a big difference.

Maryland Football/Twitter

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Maryland’s partnership with Under Armour, the football program unveiled new uniforms Friday.

Terps fans first got a look when players from the team tweeted pictures from a team photo shoot in July. Without looking too closely, these uniforms looked very much the same as last year’s. But upon further review, there are a handful of minor alterations that make a world of difference.

Maryland’s Director of Social/Digital Media and Branding gave fans an easy cheat sheet for spotting the differences in the old and new uniforms.

From top to bottom, there’s no more black stripe on the shoulder. Instead a number is between the player’s neck and the Maryland flag pattern on the shoulder.

The Big Ten and Under Armour logos and “MARYLAND” text across the chest is in white instead of gold.

The Maryland flag patch on the player’s hip has been replaced with a Maryland Pride “M” with the trademark flag bar below it.

There is no more black diagonal stripe above the knee. Instead, the pants are just a solid red, black or white.

There’s also been a bit of a change to the helmets. Though they’re still the only hand-painted helmets in all of college football’s standard uniforms, there’s no more “MARYLAND” on the back. Instead, the player’s number occupies the space at the very back of the helmet.

None of these changes are major, but all together, they create a more sleek look while still incorporating all of the aspects of the Maryland flag that make the Terps’ uniforms so unique.