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Maryland football scholarship chart for 2018 and (slightly) beyond

How the Terps are distributing their 85 scholarships for this season and the season after.


Welcome to our Maryland football scholarship chart for 2018 and beyond. Below, you can find a sortable list of what the Terps’ scholarship distribution looks like, whether it’s by class or position.

This list is culled from Maryland’s official online roster, with a few positional clarifications we’ve added. You’ll notice that younger players may have more general positional designations, like OL, DB, and DL, while older players are more likely to be listed as DT, OT, or CB. That’s by design, as we often don’t know exactly what position a player will end up as early on, and younger players often switch spots.

This chart might not always be exact. It’s supposed to be a document we can all use to see what Maryland’s depth looks like at any position or class right now or in the near future. So if you see something that doesn’t look quite right, say so in the comments and we’ll look into it.

Maryland football scholarship chart

2018 Name Pos. Year
2018 Name Pos. Year
1 Taivon Jacobs WR Sr.
2 Jesse Aniebonam BUCK Sr.
3 RaVon Davis DB Sr.
4 Darnell Savage Jr. S Sr.
5 Jahrvis Davenport WR Sr.
6 Ty Johnson RB Sr.
7 Nnamdi Egbuaba LB Sr.
8 Tre Watson LB Sr.
9 Mbi Tanyi DT Sr.
10 Derwin Gray OT Sr.
11 Damian Prince OT Sr.
12 Brendan Moore C Sr.
13 Sean Christie OL Sr.
14 Avery Edwards TE Sr.
15 Brett Kulka DE Sr.
16 Marcus Lewis CB Jr.
17 Nick Underwood LB Jr.
18 DJ Turner WR Jr.
19 Lorenzo Harrison RB Jr.
20 Qwuantrezz Knight S Jr.
21 Tino Ellis CB Jr.
22 Byron Cowart DE Jr.
23 Max Bortenschlager QB Jr.
24 Antwaine Richardson S Jr.
25 Isaiah Davis LB Jr.
26 Antwaine Brooks DB Jr.
27 Jake Funk RB Jr.
28 Keiron Howard DT Jr.
29 Ellis McKennie OL Jr.
30 Terrance Davis OG Jr.
31 Wade Lees P Jr.
32 Adam McLean DT Jr.
33 Oseh Saine DT Jr.
34 Tyrrell Pigrome QB RS So.
35 Rayshad Lewis DB/WR RS So.
36 Tahj Capehart WR So.
37 Javon Leake RB So.
38 Bryce Brand BUCK So.
39 Tayon Fleet-Davis RB So.
40 TJ Bradley OT So.
41 Marcus Minor OL So.
42 Johnny Jordan OL So.
43 Brian Plummer OL So.
44 Noah Barnes TE So.
45 Anthony McFarland RB RS Fr.
46 Jayden Comma WR RS Fr.
47 Fofie Bazzie DB RS Fr.
48 Kasim Hill QB RS Fr.
49 Deon Jones DB RS Fr.
50 Ayinde Eley LB RS Fr.
51 MJ Jarrell WR RS Fr.
52 Kenny Bennett DB RS Fr.
53 Cam Spence DT RS Fr.
54 Tyran Hunt OT RS Fr.
55 Carlos Carriere WR RS Fr.
56 Sean Nelson WR RS Fr.
57 Andrew Park TE RS Fr.
58 B'Ahmad Miller DE RS Fr.
59 Lawtez Rogers DE RS Fr.
60 Brandon Gaddy DL RS Fr.
61 Breyon Gaddy DT RS Fr.
62 Dontay Demus WR Fr.
63 Tyler Baylor DL Fr.
64 Vincent Flythe DB Fr.
65 Tyler DeSue QB Fr.
66 Brian Cobbs WR Fr.
67 Ken Montgomery DB Fr.
68 Chigoziem Okonkwo TE Fr.
69 Jordan Mosley LB Fr.
70 Ahmad McCullough LB Fr.
71 Raymond Boone DB Fr.
72 Darryl Jones WR Fr.
73 Jeshaun Jones WR Fr.
74 Fa'Najae Gotay LB Fr.
75 Durell Nchami LB Fr.
76 Chance Campbell LB Fr.
77 Evan Gregory OL Fr.
78 Spencer Anderson OL Fr.
79 Jaelyn Duncan OL Fr.
80 Jalen Alexander DT Fr.
81 Austin Fontaine DT Fr.
82 Joseph Petrino K Fr.
Unsure: Chris Jones, Matt Oliveira

The 2019 scholarship chart is below. You’ll notice the incoming freshmen for 2018 are listed as So./RS Fr., and that’s because we don’t yet know who will redshirt and who won’t. Maryland’s verbal commits for the Class of 2019 are listed in italics.

Maryland football scholarship chart for 2019

2019 Name Pos. Year
2019 Name Pos. Year
1 Marcus Lewis CB Sr.
2 Nick Underwood LB Sr.
3 DJ Turner WR Sr.
4 Lorenzo Harrison RB Sr.
5 Qwuantrezz Knight S Sr.
6 Tino Ellis CB Sr.
7 Byron Cowart DE Sr.
8 Max Bortenschlager QB Sr.
9 Antwaine Richardson S Sr.
10 Isaiah Davis LB Sr.
11 Antwaine Brooks DB Sr.
12 Jake Funk RB Sr.
13 Keiron Howard DT Sr.
14 Ellis McKennie OL Sr.
15 Terrance Davis OG Sr.
16 Wade Lees P Sr.
17 Adam McLean DT Sr.
18 Oseh Saine DT Sr.
19 Tyrrell Pigrome QB Jr.
20 Rayshad Lewis DB/WR Jr.
21 Tahj Capehart WR Jr.
22 Javon Leake RB Jr.
23 Bryce Brand BUCK Jr.
24 Tayon Fleet-Davis RB Jr.
25 TJ Bradley OT Jr.
26 Marcus Minor OL Jr.
27 Johnny Jordan OL Jr.
28 Brian Plummer OL Jr.
29 Noah Barnes TE Jr.
30 Anthony McFarland RB So.
31 Jayden Comma WR So.
32 Fofie Bazzie DB So.
33 Kasim Hill QB So.
34 Deon Jones DB So.
35 Ayinde Eley LB So.
36 MJ Jarrell WR So.
37 Kenny Bennett DB So.
38 Cam Spence DT So.
39 Tyran Hunt OT So.
40 Carlos Carriere WR So.
41 Sean Nelson WR So.
42 Andrew Park TE So.
43 B'Ahmad Miller DE So.
44 Lawtez Rogers DE So.
45 Brandon Gaddy DL So.
46 Breyon Gaddy DT So.
47 Dontay Demus WR So./RS Fr.
48 Tyler Baylor DL So./RS Fr.
49 Vincent Flythe DB So./RS Fr.
50 Tyler DeSue QB So./RS Fr.
51 Brian Cobbs WR So./RS Fr.
52 Ken Montgomery DB So./RS Fr.
53 Chigoziem Okonkwo TE So./RS Fr.
54 Jordan Mosley LB So./RS Fr.
55 Ahmad McCullough LB So./RS Fr.
56 Raymond Boone DB So./RS Fr.
57 Darryl Jones WR So./RS Fr.
58 Jeshaun Jones WR So./RS Fr.
59 Fa'Najae Gotay LB So./RS Fr.
60 Durell Nchami LB So./RS Fr.
61 Freddie Montgomery DB So./RS Fr.
62 Chance Campbell LB So./RS Fr.
63 Evan Gregory OL So./RS Fr.
64 Spencer Anderson OL So./RS Fr.
65 Jaelyn Duncan OL So./RS Fr.
66 Jalen Alexander DT So./RS Fr.
67 Austin Fontaine DT So./RS Fr.
68 Joseph Petrino K So./RS Fr.
69 David Summers QB Fr.
70 Jordan Houston RB Fr.
71 Ahmarean Brown WR Fr.
72 DeShawn Holt DE Fr.
73 Kameron Blount LB Fr.
74 Trey Rucker S Fr.
75 Tayvion Land CB Fr.
76 Lavonte Gater CB Fr.
77 Deonte Banks CB Fr.

We haven’t penned scholarship charts for 2020 and beyond yet, but we’ll look into doing so.