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Podcast: Where does the fallout at Maryland go from here?

A timeline of what’s unfolded, and some educated guesses on what’s next.

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News: University of Maryland Press Conference Camille Fine-USA TODAY NETWORK

In the 123rd Testudo Times Podcast, Thomas, Ryan and myself did our best to recap the last five days for Maryland football, the fallout from what has been revealed, and what’s to come next.

Among the topics we talked about were:

  • The timeline of events not just in the last few days, but also on the practice itself.
  • Analyzing the multiple layers of the scandal, including Evans and Loh’s press conference, “toxic football culture” and some of the journalistic elements of the stories as they were reported.
  • What are the futures for DJ Durkin, Damon Evans and Wallace Loh?
  • What’s next for the team on the field?

Be sure to stick with Testudo Times for any further updates to these stories. If you would like to donate to the McNair Family Foundation, you can do so here. Enjoy the podcast.

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