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Watch Wallace Loh & Damon Evans’ press conference on Jordan McNair, DJ Durkin and everything else that’s unfolded in the past few days

We’ll keep track of everything right here.

maryland football-dj durkin-wallace loh-damon evans Sung Min Kim/Testudo Times

University of Maryland president Wallace Loh and athletic director Damon Evans held a press conference on Tuesday, Aug. 14. to discuss the death of Jordan McNair, as well as the investigation into McNair’s death and the decision to place head coach DJ Durkin and other staff members on leave.

What follows is our live stream from College Park, followed by a running diary of the about 40-minute news conference:

Maryland football press conference live stream

Live updates from Maryland’s Aug. 14 press conference

Damon Evans confirms that strength and conditioning coach Rick Court is out at Maryland.

Damon Evans up now, discussing the workout where McNair collapsed:

There will now be two investigations into the Maryland football program. One led by Loh’s 4-person committee and one by Walters, Inc.

Loh says they’ve seen some preliminary findings from the report that will come out by September, and says trainers did not take vital signs of Jordan McNair. This seems fairly huge, but we’ll try to seek some more confirmation on it.

Loh says Maryland admits “legal and moral” responsibility for “mistakes our training staff made” on May 29, the workout where McNair collapsed.

We’re still waiting, but are told the press conference will start soon.

Updates will start here whenever the press conference begins. It’ll be a little hectic, but if you’re unsure of anything or think we wrote something down wrong, get at us on Twitter. That’ll probably be the easiest way for us to see what you have to say while the press conference is going on.

After that concludes, we’ll have more to talk about. Stay tuned.