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Here’s what an official scholarship offer from Maryland looks like for the Class of 2019

This marks a milestone on the recruiting calendar. Let’s compare these to some other programs Maryland recruits against.

August 1 marks the first day Division I football teams can officially offer scholarships to recruits each season. “Officially” is the key word here, because teams have already offered recruits months or even years in advance, and the athletes still can’t sign with any team until December.

Nonetheless, here’s what a Maryland offer looks like for recruits in the Class 2019:

And the actual offer text (h/t JD Racer Dad and NeonParkTerp in the comments):

Better or worse than last year’s? You decide.

A quick sampling of scholarship offers from other schools:

What do you think? Which one is the best? How does Maryland’s measure up? Find one we need to see? Let us know below.