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Maryland football’s freshman class added to online roster with jersey numbers

With fall camp about to get underway, it’s time to get into uniforms.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Maryland Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

This post has been updated to reflect Evan Gregory’s addition to Maryland’s online roster.

Maryland football’s official roster has been updated to include the incoming class of freshmen, including what numbers they’re going to wear.

The seven freshmen and two junior college transfers who enrolled early over the winter have had their numbers for quite some time, and the annual reshuffling of numbers has already happened, leaving only a handful of numbers from which to choose.

While fairly simple, this is actually one of the most important moments of the offseason because, well, now we can all know who we’re watching on the field.

Without further ado, here are the summer enrollees and their roster information:

Maryland football 2018 summer enrollee roster info

Name Number Position Height/Weight
Name Number Position Height/Weight
Brian Clarkin 4 QB 6'0/162
Dontay Demus 7 WR 6'4/202
Tyler Baylor 10 DE 6'4/248
Ahmad McCullough 13 LB 6'3/215
Brian Cobbs 15 WR 6'1/203
Ken Montgomery 15 CB 6'2/164
Raymond Boone 21 S 6'0/203
Darryl Jones 21 WR 6'3/181
Fa'Najae Gotay 23 LB 6'0/215
Justin Brown 26 WR 6'5/190
Joseph Petrino 27 K 5'11/175
Freddie Montgomery 38 DB 6'0/175
Nihym Anderson 40 LB 6'1/239
Wyatt Cook 43 LB 6'2/237
Chance Campbell 44 LB 6'2/223
James Rosenberry 47 LS 6'0/215
Oladimeji Olayinka 48 LB 6'2/222
David Brownlee 49 LB 6'3/227
Evan Gregory 52 OG 6'4/306
Spencer Anderson 54 OT 6'5/315
Gabriel Matthews 69 OL 6'2/260
Jaelyn Duncan 71 OT 6'5/335
Cherokee Glasgow 77 DL 6'2/240
Austin Fontaine 92 DT 6'4/335
Bentley Faulkner 97 K/P 6'1/160
Walk-ons are italicized

Those paying extra close attention will notice that high-three star DeMatha offensive lineman Evan Gregory is not included. He is not listed on Maryland’s roster page, but we’ve confirmed this is just an oversight and there’s nothing to worry about. UPDATE: As of around 6:00 p.m., he’s there.

Some other important notes include:

  • The addition of a walk-on quarterback. The Terps should be set under center with Kasim Hill, Tyrrell Pigrome, Max Bortenschlager, Tyler DeSue and Legend Brumbaugh, but they’ve added Brian Clarkin just in case. He was a dual-threat recruit from Caldwell, New Jersey.
  • These guys are big. The average height and weight of the 25 newcomers is just over 6’2 and nearly 226 pounds.
  • Offensive lineman Gabriel Matthews will wear No. 69. It’s nice to see that number make its return.

The most important number of them all is 39. That’s how many days are left between now and Sept. 1, when Maryland kicks off against Texas.