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Please marvel at 6’3, 305-pound Maryland DT Brandon Gaddy doing a full backflip


Brandon Gaddy is entering his second season as a defensive lineman for Maryland. It’s a good thing Maryland doesn’t have a men’s gymnastics team, because they just might try to swipe Gaddy after seeing this:

Yes, that’s a 305-pound man doing a backflip off the turf at Maryland Stadium. Despite his obvious lineman size, Gaddy played all over the field in high school, including at quarterback. Here’s proof. But this is still a surprise.

Brandon and his twin Breyon Gaddy joined the Terps as recruits in the Class of 2017. Their recruitment was a bit of a whirlwind, with their commitments to Maryland coming as a surprise after a trip to Maryland in December 2016. Florida was involved in their recruitment as Signing Day approached, but the twins from Virginia stayed with DJ Durkin and the Terps. Neither saw significant action last season, but 2018 could bring us glimpses of both Gaddy twins. Now we know that if Brandon should ever get the ball in his hands, he’s capable of some Piesman-level heroics.