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Maryland held an emotional press conference regarding Jordan McNair’s death

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

Maryland athletics held a press conference Thursday afternoon to address the death of Jordan McNair.

It was a somber scene, and predictably so. Executive Athletic Director Damon Evans opened the press conference before turning it over to a noticeably upset DJ Durkin, who needed a few moments to compose himself prior to his statement.

“My heart is broken for the reason that we’re all even sitting here,” Durkin said, fighting back tears. “You look for reasons. It’s not reasonable that a 19-year-old should pass away. It’s not reasonable that a family, parents, his parents, Marty and Tonya, should ever have to go through this.

“Jordan was such a tremendous person,” he continued. “As big as he was stature-wise, his heart was much bigger. He had a great way about him, a quiet smile. It was hard to get a word out of him, but it was also hard to have a conversation with him without bringing a smile to your own face.

“There’s a whole team of players, coaches, staff that love him very much. And for that reason, everybody is grieving right now.”

It was a heartbreaking speech from Durkin at a heartbreaking time for the Maryland football family.

Evans took over once Durkin was finished to provide some details on what caused McNair’s initial hospitalization.

“The team gathered for a scheduled, supervised workout at approximately 4:15 p.m. on May 29 at the Varsity Team House Practice Fields,” Evans said. “The workouts were supervised by our strength and conditioning staff, and certified athletic trainers were present throughout. All eligible football players participated in said workouts.

“Following the completion of the workouts, our trainers noticed that Jordan was having some difficulty recovering. They began supporting active recovery and providing necessary care. Jordan was subsequently transferred to our training room in our football team house for further observation and continued care. At that time, medical personnel was called and 9-1-1 was dialed. EMS arrived on the scene and began supporting Jordan and he was transported to the hospital at approximately 6:00 p.m..”

Evans would then answer questions from the media regarding the incident. He explained that the workout included a baseline conditioning activity—10 110-yard runs—that the program has previously conducted and put in place by the team’s certified strength coach and his staff. Out of confidentiality for the McNair family and Jordan’s parents, the cause of death was not shared.

He explained that there will be an outside review of the day’s events that will help determine how things proceed going forward.

In other news

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Donations to the Jordan McNair family support fund are still open.

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The only actual good news we have to share is that a whole bunch Maryland baseball players are playing in three summer leagues up and down the East Coast.