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Let’s talk about this Dirty Dancing-inspired Maryland football video

This is the single best thing from Maryland football since Week 1 of last season. At least.

Maryland football had its biggest success of 2018 on Tuesday, but honestly, it had absolutely nothing to do with anything except entertainment.

No, your eyes don’t mistake you, that is running back Ty Johnson and offensive lineman Sean Christie performing a rendition of Dirty Dancing. This has to be hailed as a rousing success for Maryland marketing and social media. Not only was it a solid premise, it’s flawlessly executed by all those involved.

Time to break it down:

  • A pinpoint pass from Christie to Johnson for the score gets this all going. If new offensive coordinator Matt Canada breaks out this play during the season, you saw it here first. Christie could be a Piesman nominee-in-waiting.
    (From Justin Fitzgerald in our Slack chat: “I really hope he’s only practicing for trick plays, not because he’s expecting every other option to tear their ACL.”)
  • The turn from Johnson sets the pace, and the comedic timing is A-plus level.
  • Solid work on the choreography from Johnson and Christie. The turn could’ve been cleaner, but I’m just nitpicking.
  • Ike Ogwuegbu (No. 40) kills me every time. Perfect addition to the video, considering he does standup part-time.
  • Choreo before the separation gets a little choppy, but Johnson and Christie really go all out, which sells it. Sean Christie shouldn’t do more dance solos, ideally, though.
  • Everyone in these group dances clearly has excessive juice, which bodes well for the future.
  • Christie’s finger equivalent of “come here” perfectly sets up the jump.
  • Perfect jump by Johnson and catch by Christie, having played the role of Johnson at work (with a friend as my Christie) a couple weeks ago, I can attest it's not as easy as it looks.

This is simply the only way I can get excited about Terps football from now on. In terms of marketing ploys, it’s unique in a completely different way than the Watermelon Day thing. This was so unexpected that you have to love it, and they really went for it. This is amazing.