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Podcast: What’s next for DJ Moore and Jermaine Carter with the Carolina Panthers

Plus discussion of the latest basketball roster movements, the upcoming lacrosse postseason and more.

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2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It’s the 115th episode of the Testudo Times Podcast, and we’re all actually sorta Panthers fans now, aren’t we?

Thomas and Justin joined me to go over these topics and more:

  • DJ Moore and Jermaine Carter Jr. are now Carolina Panthers. Are they good fits in Carolina, and are we surprised that JC Jackson and other Terps weren’t drafted?
  • What the roster looks like for basketball now that Trace Ramsey committed and Kevin Huerter declared for the draft. Thomas also talks about seeing the Aaron Wiggins show in person over the weekend.
  • It was a wild weekend in lacrosse. How did Maryland pull it out against Hopkins, and how are both teams set up in their respective conference tournaments?
  • Touching on baseball, softball and the search committee for the AD hunt.

Was this the best weekend for Maryland football in almost a decade? It says something when the best two weekends for Maryland football in recent times happened in April rather than the fall. Enjoy the show!

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