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Ralph Friedgen will make his long-awaited return to Maryland football this afternoon

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This is the Ralph Friedgen Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

West Virginia v Maryland Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Fridge is back. Well ... kind of.

Heralded Maryland football coach Ralph Friedgen will return to Maryland this afternoon to speak at DJ Durkin’s coaching clinic after over seven years away from the program.

He returned once as Rutgers’ offensive coordinator in 2014, and helped lead the Scarlet Knights back from a 35-17 halftime deficit. He gave an emotional locker room speech after the win.

Friedgen is Maryland through and through. He played for the Terps from 1969-71, was the offensive coordinator in College Park from 1982-86 and the head coach from 2001-10. He appeared in seven bowl games in his 10 years, and had a winning record six times. Friedgen’s five nine-win seasons are the only five since 1985. By all accounts, his time at the helm was more successful than not.

That’s why it stung so badly when he was fired. And why he hasn’t returned since then.

He tried to offer friendly advice to Randy Edsall. He didn’t want to hear it. But Durkin understands the importance of tradition and reaching out to big figures who came before him. That’s why he reached out to bring Friedgen back.

Not even he knows what to expect when he returns, but it’ll surely be emotional. And if Durkin has it his way, it probably won’t be the last time The Fridge comes back.

In other news

D.J. Moore might have solidified his stock as a first round pick in the NFL Draft with his combine performance. ESPN’s Todd McShay has him going No. 29 overall to the Jacksonville Jaguars to team up with fellow Terp Yannick Ngackoue.

In Moore’s absence, Maryland is going to have to figure out who the heck in a Terp uniform is going to catch passes. Luckily, there are plenty of suitable candidates.

Maryland baseball’s offensive struggles continued Thursday afternoon as the Terps lost to Delaware, 7-1. (But I had five hotdogs in four innings and then got out of the cold so at least I won!)

Former Terp and NBA star Steve Francis opened up on The Players Tribune with a bone-chilling tale of his rough path to the league and life afterward.