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Updating Maryland football’s redshirt eligibility through 9 games

With three games left, here’s who’s eligible to get an extra year of eligibility.

NCAA Football: Illinois at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With the NCAA’s new rule, football players are allowed to play four games and have it count as a redshirt season. This is crucial for freshman, who previously would have the year count towards their eligibility clock even if they played a few garbage time snaps. Here’s where Maryland stands with this rule after nine games, and you can check how it compares to the previous update here.

Freshmen who can’t redshirt

LB Chance Campbell—9 games

WR Dontay Demus—9 games

WR Darryl Jones—9 games

WR Jeshaun Jones—9 games

TE Chigoziem Okonkwo—9 games

K Joseph Petrino—9 games

WR Brian Cobbs—8 games

LB Durell Nchami—8 games

LB Jordan Mosley—7 games

The nine freshman listed above were listed as “unlikely to redshirt” through the first four games, and have now all played in too many games to be eligible for an extra year of eligibility. Jeshaun Jones has become one of Maryland’s most electrifying players, and Darryl Jones, Demus, Okonkwo and Cobbs have all caught passes this season. Nchami and Mosley have both carved out roles on defense, with Nchami serving as Jesse Aniebonam’s backup and Mosley backing up Darnell Savage Jr on the depth chart. Campbell plays on special teams, and Petrino still hasn’t missed a kick in a Maryland uniform.

Freshmen still likely to redshirt

DB Vincent Flythe—3 games

OL Spencer Anderson—2 games

DB Fa’Najae Gotay—2 games

DL Tyler Baylor—2 games

QB Tyler DeSue—2 games

DL Austin Fontaine—2 games

Flythe, Anderson, Baylor and DeSue have only seen action in blowouts. With no easy win on Maryland’s schedule, all three may not play again barring injuries. Gotay played against Minnesota after Antwaine Richardson went down and against Illinois, and is now listed as the back-up at nickel corner behind Antoine Brooks Jr. Brooks has been nicked up in multiple games this year, but has played through his injuries.

Fontaine is the most interesting case here. He made his Maryland debut against the Illini, and played again this past weekend. If the coaches think Fontaine helping a struggling defensive line is more important than having an extra year, he may not be eligible come the end of the season,

Freshmen who will definitely redshirt

OL Jaelyn Duncan—1 game

DL Jalen Alexander—0 games

DB Raymond Boone—0 games

OL Evan Gregory—0 games

DB Ken Montgomery—0 games

Maryland has a maximum four games remaining, so everyone on this list except Duncan will automatically get a redshirt year. Duncan likely will too, since true freshman offensive lineman rarely play immediately. (If Maryland makes a bowl game and he plays in each contest, that’s five, but that scenario probably won’t happen.)

Upperclassmen who will definitely redshirt

WR Tahj Capehart—0 games (tore his ACL in spring practice)

RB Lorenzo Harrison III—2 games (knee surgery)

QB Max Bortenschlager—4 games (ankle injury)

Capehart was expected to have a sizable role on the offense this year, so expect him to be granted a medical redshirt. Harrison was an important horse in Maryland’s running back stable, so expect him to take the extra year as well. Bortenschlager only served as a holder this year but started games under center the previous two years. He could take the extra year, though it’s possible he won’t end up using it at Maryland.

In addition, junior running back Jake Funk was cleared this week, but did not play against Michigan State. Since he’s only played in the season opener against Texas and there are only three games left in the season, it’s likely he’ll only play four and take the medical redshirt. Bryce Brand has missed the past four games and also didn’t play against the Longhorns, which means he’s techinically eligible for a redshirt year, though the team hasn’t given an update on his status.