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Inclement weather in Ann Arbor has Maryland-Michigan in a delay

The Terps and Wolverines won’t kick off at noon as scheduled.

maryland-michigan-weather delay-game time-projection-tv channel Michigan football/Twitter

Maryland vs. Michigan was scheduled to begin at noon ET on Saturday, but that start time has been pushed back as a thunderstorm in the Ann Arbor area has caused a delay.

According to the Terps’ sports information director, the game is expected to start at 1:10.

Michigan Stadium gates didn’t open at the normally scheduled time of 11 a.m. ET, which officially signaled the delay.

Intermittent lightning continued until around noon, when a tentative start time of 1:15 was reported.

Maryland and Michigan have agreed to a 17-minute halftime (20 is normal). And according to WXYZ’s Brad Galli, the teams and the league debated condensing the broadcast to include few or no commercials, which would be something.

The hourly forecast on says scattered thunderstorms could resume around 4 p.m. ET.

As we wait for the later kickoff, here’s some pregame reading: