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With the USA Today coach salary database out, let’s revisit DJ Durkin’s contract

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

maryland football spring game practice

Maryland football head coach DJ Durkin has been on administrative leave for nearly two months now, and still seems unlikely to return. There’s still an ongoing investigation into the program’s culture, but it’s worth taking a look at how much it may cost to jettison him.

It’s important to note that all of this depends on a situation where the investigation concludes and Maryland gets rid of the embattled coach, but doesn’t find “fireable cause.” What is and isn’t a fireable cause is a conversation for another day, but these are estimates of what it might cost in that case.

USA Today published its yearly database of college football salaries on Wednesday, and Durkin’s salary ranks 53rd in the nation at $2,512,000 with a current buyout of $5,096,178. That buyout number is, naturally, down from the $6,833,104 it would have cost to buy him out last year. If the two parties reach an agreement where Durkin resigns, a buyout could potentially run near that figure.

Durkin’s contract stipulates the university would owe him 65 percent of his remaining salary if he’s fired without cause. Durkin is currently in the third year of a six-year contract set to extend to 2021 and pay an estimated $15.5 million. Not including his 2018 salary, Durkin has three years and $7,836,000 left on the deal, including his annualized $50,000 bonuses. That would leave Maryland on the hook for 65 percent of that, which comes out to $5,093,400, about a $3,000 difference.

There’s still the possibility the board decides to reinstate Durkin as head coach, and also the chance the investigation finds a fireable offense. But if neither of those things happen, it’s likely the school will have to spend around $5 million to move on from Durkin, in addition to whatever a new coach would cost.

In other news

In regards to the report, the school has released a statement to The Washington Post through a spokesperson, claiming office policy is not to respond to anonymous emails and the anonymous email from the Post report has been forwarded to the commission.

Speaking of salaries, Connecticut got, um, creative with former Maryland coach Randy Edsall’s incentives.

It’s the 50-year anniversary of men’s soccer’s 1968 championship, and the team will be honored on Friday before the current squadtakes on No. 13 Michigan State.

I hopped on the podcast to talk about best case scenarios against Michigan and the rough patch of news in football and basketball.

Maryland’s boosters recently commented on the “toxic culture” allegations to The Diamondback, and Ryan weighed in on their statements.

After being cleared to play for Ballou High School, running back Jamal Speaks set up the game-winning touchdown for close friend and Maryland commit Lavonte Gater. Speaks’ case got local notoriety after it was publicized that he was deemed ineligible due to lack of a permanent residence.

Athletic Director Damon Evans announced some updates to his staff on Wednesday. Shawn Flynn will take on the title of Senior Associate Athletic Director of Internal Operations, returning to College Park after 11 years at Under Armour. Dr. Sue Sherburne will also add the title of Senior Woman Administrator to her responsibilities as Senior Associate Athletic Director for Academics and Student Development.