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You're not the only one wondering why Maryland’s investigation took so long

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

Ohio State v Maryland Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images

We finally know when the Uviversity System of Maryland Board of Regents will share the findings from its investigation into the Terps football program. Approximately, at least.

Oct. 30 is the Board’s self-imposed deadline, though we could hear back sometime in the week prior. That date would make it over five months since Jordan McNair’s death.

If you’re wondering why it has taken so long, you’re far from the only one.

The Baltimore Sun’s Don Markus interviewed several parties who all outline comments similar to this:

“It’s not fair to the players, it’s not fair to DJ, it’s not fair to the stakeholders,” said Harry Geller, an elected member of the Board of Trustees. “It’s not fair to anyone. Why is this taking this long? The poor kid collapsed in May.”

The commission has reportedly reached out to players from throughout DJ Durkin’s tenure, then re-interviewed subjects as new revelations came out.It’s reasonable to wonder if that indicates missteps on the past to the commission, but that appears to be part of the reason for the long wait. While the integrity of the investigation obviously shouldn’t be sacrificed just to make it end sooner, it’s exasperating to see it go on so long.

In other news

Maryland women’s basketball held its media day on Thursday. We’ll have a bunch of stuff from it, but for now, a quick look:

Maryland men’s basketball got its first 2020 commit. Meet Marcus Dockery.

Our wonderful friends at Black Heart Gold Pants are here to help you get to know the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Pro: Maryland football’s offense thrives on big run plays. Con: Iowa’s defense might be the best in the nation at preventing those.

Maryland women’s soccer heads into the final weekend of the season with a Big Ten Tournament bid on the line. Getting there won’t be easy.

Maryland field hockey has two more matches before embarking on what those Terps hope is another deep postseason run.

Here’s InsideMDSports’ Josh Stirn on how Anthony Cowan wants to erase the “terrible feeling” from last season.

And last but not least, this, uh, happened: