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Rutgers’ 17 pass attempts vs. Maryland, ranked

Things are about to get a lot harder for the Terps, so let’s have some fun first.

maryland football-rutgers-artur sitkowski-stats-score Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland football’s easy win over Rutgers was made even easier by a Scarlet Knights passing performance that will go down as an all-time stinker.

True freshman QB Artur Sitkowski threw 16 passes on the day, and senior Giovanni Rescigno threw one. Rutgers finished with two completions, eight yards passing, five interceptions and zero touchdowns. For Maryland, it was a bright spot as the perils of a Big Ten schedule loom. So let’s rank each of the Scarlet Knights’ attempts to complete a pass on Saturday.

(It should be noted here by any Maryland website writing about this game that Maryland in fact only threw for 85 yards on 20 attempts against Rutgers, and is far from immune to criticism. This is a hypocritical exercise, but let’s ignore that and have fun, shall we?)

1. (Q2. 10:45) Sitkowski completes to Raheem Blackshear for a 4-yard gain.

maryland football-rutgers-stats-final score BTN

2. (Q1, 7:29) Sitkowski hits Eddie Lewis for a 4-yard gain on third-and-8.

maryland football-rutgers-stats BTN

3. (Q2, 14:29) Sitkowski throws incomplete to Bo Melton, who was set to receive a screen and let the ball go right through his hands.

4. (Q3, 9:00) Sitkowski hits Travis Vokolek right in the chest, but it’s dropped.

maryland football-rutgers-stats BTN

5. (Q3, 14:07) Sitkowski’s third-and-8 pass isn’t hauled in, forcing a punt.

6. (Q2, 4:09) Sitkowski’s pass to TE Daevon Robinson is dropped and/or broken up.

7. (Q1, 10:53) Sitkowski throws behind Melton for an incompletion.

maryland football-rutgers-stats BTN

8. (Q1, 7:24) Sitkowski overthrows Melton on a deep ball.

9. (Q2, 4:02) Sitkowski’s pass is nearly intercepted by Antoine Brooks, but falls incomplete.

maryland football-rutgers-stats-final score BTN

10. (Q2, 4:02) Sitkowski underthrows Eddie Lewis badly on third down.

maryland football-rutgers-stats BTN

11. (Q3, 14:11) Sitkowski throws to a confused receiver in the middle of the field, and it falls incomplete.

12. (Q3, 8:56) Sitkowski, facing pressure, underthrows a receiver behind the line of scrimmage.

13. (Q2, 2:51) Sitkowski’s throw is tipped by Antoine Brooks, and Byron Cowart comes down with the interception.

<span data-author="-1">Maryland football-rutgers-stats-artur sitkowski-final score </span> BTN

14. (Q3, 8:51) Sitkowski’s pass is intercepted by Tino Ellis, who outdueled the intended target for a jump ball and returned the pick 44 yards to the Rutgers 11-yard line.

maryland football-rutgers-artur sitkowski-stats BTN

15. (Q2, 14:25) Sitkowski is intercepted by Darnell Savage, who was able to play the part of the receiver more than the Rutgers player who was vying for the ball.

maryland football-rutgers-stats BTN

16. (Q3, 5:39) Sitkowski targets a receiver fairly deep to his left, and Savage picks it again.

maryland football-rutgers-artur sitkowski-stats BTN

17. (Q4, 13:47) After nine straight runs, Rutgers’ first pass attempt of this drive is picked off by Tre Watson.

maryland football-rutgers-artur sitkowski-stats BTN

That’s Rescigno’s first attempt of the day, and it’s Rutgers’ last. The Scarlet Knights’ scoring drive in the fourth quarter came as the result of a 13-play, 62-yard drive that did not feature a single throw.