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How can Maryland football respond after Kasim Hill’s injury?

A cathartic episode of the Testudo Times Podcast.

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Maryland v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

It’s the 91st episode of the Testudo Times Podcast, and why us? Just ... why us?

Only Thomas joined me, because everyone else hadn’t gathered up their emotions just yet to talk about what transpired on Saturday. But we tried...

  • How can Maryland recover from losing another good QB to a torn ACL so quickly after the first one?
  • Where does Maryland go from here? Can they do much the rest of this season, or is this another lost season because of the QB injuries?
  • What to expect from Max Bortenschlager as the full-time starter (for now at least).
  • Talking basketball recruiting, Moses Brown, and how the fallout from the FBI’s investigation into college basketball recruiting affects Maryland at this point.
  • Musing about non-rev sports as well.

We tried our best to be positive, but forgive us (mainly me) for being a little fatalistic. But the podcast is still the podcast, and as D.J Durkin’s team will soldier on, so will we.

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