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What to do after Maryland gets blown out and loses another quarterback

Hey, cheer up! Everything is gonna be okay.

Ohio State v Maryland Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Maryland football lost 38-10 to UCF today, but you’re here because you already knew that. I’m here to help you through these tough times and deal with today’s debacle. Here’s a list of things that you can do to help yourself feel better tonight:

1. Go to Bentley’s! This option is obviously more fun when the Terps win, but there’s nothing quite like drowning your sorrows at Scott Van Pelt’s favorite College Park bar. It’s Saturday, which means they’ve got specials on cheap liquor, so your therapy session with the bartender shouldn’t hurt your wallet too bad. If you’re this guy, you already know what’s going on:

2. Find an elevated surface, mount it, smash a beer open on your head and chug it. This girl did it, and you can too!

Also, she may or may not be Maryland’s quarterback one day, so following in her footsteps might not be the worst decision you could make, especially if you have any eligibility left.

3. Go see a movie. Haven’t seen “IT” yet? Now’s a great time to scare any feelings you have left out of you. Really enjoyed the first Kingsman movie? There’s another one, and early indications are that this one is good too.

4. Get some rest. Listen, today was stressful. I get it. But it’s over. Let it go and go to bed early. The Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars are in London tomorrow, which means they kick off at 9:30 in the morning on the east coast. You’re going to want to be well rested for that.

5. Go for a run. Exercise is a great outlet for frustration, and running doesn’t cost a gym membership. You can run anywhere you want. It is dark now, though, so please wear reflective clothing and maybe go with a buddy.

6. Have a good dinner. It’s always important to remember to eat. When we get stressed, it’s natural to either overeat or not eat at all. In this case, just remember to eat a healthy, well-rounded dinner. Make sure to hit all your food groups and eat well.

7. Have a meltdown. Sometimes it’s just good to let it out. Throw your face in a pillow and scream. Go sit in your car and scream. Cool with your family hearing you scream? Just let one out in the living room. Don’t want to show real-life people how upset you are? The comments section on this article are a good place for some anonymous venting. Just keep it clean, please!