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Maryland’s Stefon Diggs has 2 touchdowns in Randy Moss tribute cleats

The former Terp’s third NFL season is off to a strong start.

Former Maryland star and current Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs has gained some notoriety over the years for his custom cleats. But in the Vikings’ season opener on Monday Night Football against the New Orleans Saints, he might have topped himself.

Moss, considered somewhere between a top-two and top-10 wide receiver of all time by most fans, is still known by some for “mooning” Packers fans after scoring a touchdown one time. Diggs watched him growing up, and now plays the same position for Minnesota. With Moss entering the Vikings’ ring of honor Monday, it was a perfect time for the moon to come out.

And then Diggs scored a touchdown in the second quarter to give his team the lead. While he didn’t moon anybody in his celebration, he still broke out some of Moss’ popular moves from over the years.

Then, just before the half and shortly after taking a hit to the head, he scored again and punted the ball into the stands.

Diggs is coming off an 84-catch, 903-yard season for the Vikings, and his third year in the NFL is off to a strong start. He finished with two touchdowns in the first half Monday, approaching his three from all of last season.