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Recapping Wide Receivers and Tight Ends Weeks at Testudo Times

It’s been a busy couple weeks looking at Maryland’s receiving corps.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland sports aren’t playing games this summer, so we’re previewing the Terps’ football team position by position. Over the last two weeks, we’ve looked at the wide receivers and tight ends. Here’s what we did.

Profiles in Terpage

Wide Receivers
Monday: Redshirt senior Taivon Jacobs
Tuesday: Junior D.J. Moore
Wednesday: Redshirt senior Jacquille Veii
Thursday: Sophomore DJ Turner
Friday: Junior Jahrvis Davenport
Saturday: Freshman Jayden Comma
Saturday: Freshman Tahj Capehart
Sunday: Freshman Sean Nelson
Sunday: Freshman Carlos Carriere
Monday: Freshman Jalen Browder
Monday: Freshman MJ Jarrell

Tight Ends
Tuesday: Redshirt senior Derrick Hayward
Wednesday: Grad transfer Garland Owens
Thursday: Junior Avery Edwards
Friday: Redshirt freshman Noah Barnes
Saturday: Freshman Andrew Park

A closer look

Monday: Welcome to Wide Receivers Week
A quick intro to one of Maryland’s most wide open position groups.

Tuesday: Who’s the best WR in Maryland history?
Our readers voted Torrey Smith as Maryland’s all-time best, with Stefon Diggs and Jermaine Lewis following closely.

Wednesday: How Maryland’s 6 freshman receivers differ from each other
Jared looked at film on all of them. Here’s what he found.

Friday: The best WR’s on Maryland’s 2017 schedule
Indiana’s Nick Westbrook and Wisconsin’s Jazz Peavy jumped out for sure.

Tuesday: Welcome to Tight Ends Week
This wasn’t a full week, but it’s a position group worth looking at.

Wednesday: Who’s the best tight end in Maryland history?
Vernon Davis gets the nod with 66 percent of the vote against Frank Wycheck and Ferrell Edmunds.

Next up: Offensive Line Week!