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Recapping Running Backs Week at Testudo Times

We took a week-long look at Maryland’s backfield. Here’s what we came away with.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Summer rolls on, and Running Backs Week is in the books. In case you weren’t around to see everything we did, here’s the rundown.

Profiles in Terpage

Monday: Junior Ty Johnson
Tuesday: Sophomore Lorenzo Harrison
Wednesday: Freshman Anthony McFarland
Thursday: Sophomore Jake Funk
Friday: Redshirt freshman LaDerrien Wilsnevermind, he’s gone
Saturday: Freshman Javon Leake
Saturday: Freshman Tayon Fleet-Davis

A closer look

Monday: Welcome to Running Backs Week
A quick prospectus of the position, which is one of the strongest on the team.

Tuesday: Who’s the best RB in Maryland history?
LaMont Jordan ran away with this honor, garnering over 673 of the 1,028 votes cast (65 percent).

Wednesday: Maryland had its big runs in 2016, but got stuffed plenty of times
I made up a stat called “extreme carries,” which covers a running back’s longest and shortest carries, and looked at how the Terps took advantage in this realm.

Thursday: Maryland has run well for years, but now has depth in the backfield
The Terps have recruited three backs in back-to-back cycles, allowing them to absorb, say ... a transfer.

Friday: The best running backs on Maryland’s 2017 schedule
Saquon Barkley’s on the docket again, and we’ll see another Justin Jackson.

Next up: Wide Receivers Week!