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Maryland transfer Garland Owens says he might play defensive back

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related (and today, site-related) news.

Garland Owens/Instagram

Remember Garland Owens, the player who appears to be transferring from Boston College basketball to Maryland football?

His addition still hasn’t been announced officially by Maryland, but Owens stopped by Glenn Clark Radio to talk about the transition.

“I've always wanted to go to Maryland,” Owens said. “Having that at-home feeling would just be different for me. It would just be a place where I've always wanted to be."
(H/T Jeff Ermann for the transcription)

While InsideMDSports’ Ahmed Ghafir originally reported that Owens was likely to play tight end, the prospective graduate transfer appears to be eyeing the secondary.

"I'm not even sure that's what I'll be playing,” he said. “When I talked to coach Durkin he said they're gonna throw me around to different spots and see what I'll be best at. If you asked me I would say DB. That's what the coaches at Boston College wanted me to play ... I'll play wherever."

In other news

You never know with these things, but Maryland was in on this former four-star recruit for a while.

With Justin Jackson staying, here’s a look at who’s leaving for the NBA Draft in the Big Ten.

Maryland baseball lost to Iowa, then beat Purdue to stay alive in the Big Ten Tournament.

In our latest podcast, we looked at the impact of Justin Jackson’s decision to stay at Maryland.

Maryland women’s lacrosse faces Penn State today in the Final Four. Get educated on that here.

Maryland men’s lacrosse midfielder Isaiah Davis-Allen won a prestigious award for his achievement in the classroom and the community, in addition to his excellence on the field.

With Justin Jackson back, The Baltimore Sun’s Don Markus thinks Maryland will be right back in the the race for the Big Ten title — or at least for second place.

A change in leadership

This is last post I (Ryan Connors) and Matt Ellentuck will write as Testudo Times employees. This day was coming, even if it’s here slightly sooner than we expected. It’s been our pleasure to run this site for the last year and change. Running TT was the best way to spend our final years of college, and it’s the reason we’re exiting school prepared for full-time jobs. We owe an unimaginable amount of thanks to Pete Volk and Dave Tucker for hiring us as two years ago, to Alex Kirshner, who was the best editor we could have asked for, and to Thomas Kendziora for helping us pilot the ship this year.

We’re excited for the team we have to lead TT into the next school year. Thomas will be joined by Lamar Johnson and Jared Goldstein, two guys you’ve hopefully been seeing more and more around here, as our managing editors. They’ll all be joined by some new and returning faces, and will help continue making TT an excellent source for Maryland news, commentary and analysis. We’re both excited to see them succeed.

As for us, we’ll still be around here when we can.

Ryan is heading to Atlanta where he will be join the staff of Cox Media Group’s Land of 10 to cover Big Ten sports, mostly college football.

Matt is moving to Arlington, Virginia, to continue covering the NBA and running social media for SB Nation.

Neither of us would be where we are without Testudo Times.

We won’t be writing much here anymore, but we’ll be around the comments and social medias. Feel free to hit us up at @ryanconnors_ and @mellentuck on Twitter, and our email inboxes are always open.

Testudo Times has been our lives for the past two years, and we won’t be leaving it all behind just yet.