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Brad Craddock is among 17 Maryland football players working out at the Terps’ pro day

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

Rutgers v Maryland Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Maryland football is holding its pro day next Wednesday, and kicker Brad Craddock will be one of the 17 players working out for scouts.

Craddock, who graduated after the 2015 season, was not drafted last year and could not catch on with an NFL team after a brief training camp stint with the Cleveland Browns.

He’ll be joined by a mix of graduates with varying degrees of participation at Maryland.

Here’s the full roster, from a Maryland press release:

Roman Braglio, Wes Brown, Brad Craddock, Malcolm Culmer, Michael Dunn, Trey Edmunds, Kenneth Goins, Alvin Hill, Perry Hills, Levern Jacobs, William Likely III, Spencer Myers, Teldrick Morgan, Jarrett Ross, Caleb Rowe, Andrew Stefanelli, Azubuike Ukandu

Will Likely and Michael Dunn have the best chances to get drafted this year. CBS projects Likely as the No. 40 corner in the draft, and has him going either in the seventh round or undrafted. CBS has Dunn as the No. 25 offensive tackle, and puts him in the same seventh-round-or-undrafted range.

Likely probably still won’t be able to participate fully, as he’s in the process of making a recovery from a torn ACL. He could sprint at the NFL Combine, even if he wasn’t doing so in front of scouts. Dunn might not be participating either, as he recovers from a shoulder injury he suffered at the end of the season.

“I’ve had times in the past last year that I feel comfortable about that me and my agent have sent to all the teams, and and are really exceptional times and lifts,” Dunn told Glenn Clark earlier this month. “I figured if I can’t reach that goal, then there’s no point in going out there.

“I’ll probably end up missing the pro day too. I’ll be a game-time decision.”

Beyond them, cornerback Alvin Hill could have the next-best shot at making it in the NFL. Defensive end Roman Braglio and wide receivers Teldrick Morgan, Levern Jacobs and Malcolm Culmer will all get their shots, too.

Another fun addition is fullback Andrew Stefanelli, a walk-on whose only career carry was a touchdown in Maryland’s regular-season finale against Rutgers.

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