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Maryland’s Mike Minter isn’t transferring. He’s moving on from football.

He started 11 games for the Terps last year, but is ready for something new.

maryland football spring game practice Alexander Jonesi

Offensive lineman Mike Minter was the most notable absence from the updated roster Maryland football released last week, and now we know why.

Minter, who had one year of eligibility remaining, isn’t transferring to another program to finish his career. In an interview with the Severna Park Voice, Minter explained why he’s graduating this spring and starting life after football.

Colin Murphy: So you’re graduating this spring even though you have a year of eligibility left?

Mike Minter: This was my last season. I’m done playing football and I’m actually going to start in the real world now. My body’s been through hell and back the past four years, and I’m looking at a lot of job offers now. Before the season, I thought maybe [I’d play another year], but my body’s done, and in my mind I’m ready to start real life. I could have graduated earlier, but I want to play this season.

Minter’s body has been through a whole lot in his four years at Maryland. He missed his true freshman season with a torn knee ligament, then a labrum injury ended his 2015 season after just three games. He missed Maryland’s game against Ohio State this past season due to a concussion, and was constantly dealing with other injuries during his time in College Park.

Minter took back his job as Maryland’s starting left guard this season, and figured to have that spot locked down for 2017 too. Since he’d only played two full seasons, maybe the team could have made the argument that he should receive even a sixth year of eligibility. But that’s irrelevant now.

While left tackle Michael Dunn, Minter’s friend and offensive line partner, is getting some NFL attention, the now-former guard isn’t interested in that path. Minter said he “heard a few things, but nothing concrete” about a potential NFL career.

“My dream when I first got there was to earn a scholarship and contribute,” he said. “Then after I got injured, I just want to play the whole season and start every game. But I have a lot of goals that extend past the NFL.”

Last year, Maryland tight end P.J. Gallo elected to forgo his final season of eligibility to work for Goldman-Sachs. Minter, a kinesiology major, mentioned PA school or working for a non-profit as possible career choices.