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Podcast: How does Maryland’s losing streak alter expectations vs. Indiana?

Finding some silver linings in this week’s podcast.

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NCAA Football: Maryland at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the 95th episode of the Testudo Times Podcast, and it’s the usual time in a Maryland football season where we start to cling to silver linings.

Thomas joined me to go over these topics and more:

  • Was the loss to Wisconsin really that bad? And what about the aspects of the team that showed some progress?
  • What to make of DJ Durkin’s recent comments about the state of the program
  • Did Maryland Madness teach us anything about this basketball season?
  • Recaps of the recent happenings for the non-revenue sports

Apologies for a little background noise you may hear during sections of the show—we had a few audio glitches that only came up after the recording. But there are good conversations which you should enjoy. Enjoy the show!

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