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Maryland fans threw a football around the stands DURING THE GAME

The stadium was absolutely electric.

Josh Williams

In the second quarter of Maryland football’s game against Northwestern, a Wildcats extra point flew over the net and into the student section.

So the fans decided to sling it around.

The ball made its way all around the stadium, from the students to the south bleachers and back around. Maryland basketball players Kevin Huerter and Andrew Terrell made appearances in the relay. The football reached the north side’s second deck and rose all the way to the third. The large-scale game of catch didn’t end until it was intercepted by a security guard in the upper deck.

Fans cheered and groaned with every completion and incompletion, sometimes during a play in the football game that was still going on. Everyone’s attention was completely diverted. Unbeknownst to many, Northwestern marched down the field and scored another touchdown, extending its lead to 24-14 just before halftime.

The extra point ended up in the stands again.