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Your Maryland football over/under is 6 wins. Take it or leave it?

Good morning. This is Thursday's Maryland Minute, a short story and roundup of Terps-related news.

Alexander Jonesi

Las Vegas sports book Bovada sent along a list of college football over/under win totals for the coming season. Maryland’s is 6, with good money available if you bet the over and Maryland wins at least seven games. Note that it’s not 6.5, but a flat 6.

Over: 6 (+175, 7/4)
Under: 6 (-260, 5/13)

If you bet $100 that Maryland’s going to win seven games and that happens, you’ll get $275 back. That’s good money. And if you want to earn $100 betting against Maryland winning at least six games, you’ll need to put up $260. I.e., Maryland’s likelier to win five games than seven, which is a fair assessment.

We’re still winding through a bunch of Maryland schedule previews, but the Terps appear to have four games they definitely should win and three or four more they plausibly could win. Getting to seven wins won’t be easy, so taking the over is hard.

My personal guess? This turns into a push when Maryland finishes 6-6 and loses a bowl game. But that’s why they play the games.

In other news

Stefon Diggs is an outrage.

It’s been a long time coming for Alvin Hill, who should be helpful for Maryland.

The All-Mark Turgeon Team now includes Melo Trimble, Dez Wells and Jake Layman.

I said this a few weeks ago, and Loy doesn’t need my or anyone else’s confirmation. But I believe he’s completely right. Maryland will not lose Kaindoh, barring a legitimately shocking change. This wasn’t a "commit but keep browsing" situation, like many others.

Maryland men’s soccer heads toward the season as a top-five team.

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.