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Here's our big Maryland football season preview podcast

It's the 53rd episode of the Testudo Times Podcast, and it's a special one, because football's back.

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Football's back! That means it's time for the Testudo Times Podcast's very big Maryland football season preview. Our long offseason nightmare is over, and here's what we've got:

Our podcasting crew for this episode includes Alex Kirshner, Ryan Connors and Thomas Kendziora.

We discussed these things:

- The QB situation, and who might be Perry Hills' true backup.

- The depth and diversity of the skill positions, with plenty of intriguing talent and running back and wide receiver.

- How Maryland's offensive line has gone from a major weakness to a major strength.

- The changing look of the defense, including formations, the front four and a focus on Jermaine Carter Jr.

- We also talked about punting a bit, you know, because #B1G.

- Record predictions and best/worst case scenarios.

This is a longer than usual show, but when it comes to previewing a new season you can never spend enough time talking about it, especially with the beginning of the D.J Durkin era in College Park.

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