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Tehuti Miles looks to make an impact in senior season for Maryland football

Miles served in the military before coming to the Terps.

Alexander Jonesi

Maryland's football season starts in 65 days. Until then, we're doing a player-by-player preview of the entire roster.

Tehuti Miles, running back

Year: Senior

Height: 5'10

Weight: 210 pounds

High School: Hammonton High School (Hammonton, N.J.)

Jersey number: 42

How Miles got to College Park

This is usually the part where we talk about how "this player was recruited by these schools, and ultimately chose Maryland." But Miles' story doesn't work that way. He joined the Army out of high school and served for four years, including a year-long deployment in Afghanistan.

After his commitment to the military was over, he returned home with a new goal: to play college football. His initial application to enroll at Maryland was denied, but his second application was accepted, and he earned a spot on the team in an open tryout. This all happened while Miles was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder as he attempted to acclimate back to American society. From The Washington Post:

He only recently stopped staring at the ground when he walked into buildings and doesn't worry anymore about tripping bombs on the street, but is still hyper-aware of his surroundings. It's another effect of the post-traumatic stress disorder, along with short-term memory loss and insomnia. Over time, however, the symptoms have lessened. Now the nightmares come only twice a week, instead of four to six times a night.

(Read the whole article. It's excellent.)

His road to joining the team was never easy, as the NCAA initially ruled him ineligible as a freshman. According to The Post, Maryland filed a waiver that included his community college transcripts and his military medals, and the waiver was approved. Miles has yet to see the field as a Terp, earning practice squad player of the week honors during each of his first three seasons with the program.

A career highlight so far

When the NCAA cleared him to play.

2016 prospectus

Miles is still a walk-on at a position where the Terps have a good bit of depth. He won't be a regular part of the rotation, but seeing as its his senior season, he's a hard worker and he served his country in the military, it's a good bet that DJ Durkin makes sure Miles makes his way onto the field for at least one snap this season.

What a dream season would look like

Miles carves out a small role for himself as a special teamer and occasional offensive participant, and sees multiple carries on senior day at Maryland Stadium.

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