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Maryland football 2016 NFL Draft preview: Sean Davis, Yannick Ngakoue and Quinton Jefferson look to advance to the next level

This could end up as one of Maryland's most successful drafts in years.

Alexander Jonesi

The last time Maryland football had more than two players picked in the same draft was in 2009, when wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey was the first of five Terps taken. The 2016 draft won't have quite that level of Maryland flavor, but should be the first time the program has more than two players hear their names called at the event since that 2009 draft.

The 2016 NFL Draft takes place this weekend, with round one staring on Thursday, rounds two and three taking place Friday night and rounds four through seven starting at noon on Saturday. draft guru Mike Mayock listed former Terps Sean Davis, Quinton Jefferson and Yannick Ngakoue in his top 100 draft prospect rankings, and it would be surprising if any other Maryland player snuck into the draft. Over the past week, we've profiled every former Maryland player who has even the slightest chance of landing a spot on an NFL team. They fit rather neatly into three categories.

All but assured

These guys should hear their names called at some point on Friday or Saturday.

Maryland football NFL Draft profile: DB Sean Davis could be Terps' highest pick in years
Torrey Smith was Maryland's last pick before the third round, a half-decade ago. Davis might be next. He didn't receive much attention during the season and was part of a below-average pass defense, but Davis's stock has shot up ever since the season ended. He switched from safety to corner for his senior season, could potential play either in the pros, and is projected to go in the second or third round.

Maryland football NFL Draft profile: Yannick Ngakoue looks to be a mid-round pick after breakout season

The defensive end was third in the country in sacks in 2015. As Maryland's star defensive player, he received the most attention of any Maryland player during the season. Still, he has some things to work on, such as defending the run. He should hear his name called on Saturday.

Maryland football NFL Draft profile: DT Quinton Jefferson's versatility should help him
Sometimes, versatile players in college are tweeners in the NFL, but Jefferson should help a team. He's surpassed Ngakoue in some projections, and like Davis, his versatility should be attractive to NFL coaches. He played defensive end for his first two season in College Park before kicking inside and mostly playing defensive tackle in 2015. He should be a late-to-middle round pick.

Juuust maybe

Only one player fits here, but there's a chance he hears his name called in the final rounds of the draft. Still, he's more likely to go undrafted.

Maryland football NFL Draft profile: Brad Craddock looks to overcome lost season
The 2014 Lou Groza Award-winner was hampered by an ineffective offense before his 2015 season came to an early end. If he had a similar performance to his 2015 season, Craddock could have a spot locked up in the draft. Instead, he's in a weird position as a kicker in the NFL Draft. There's a chance he hears his name called, but there's a bigger chance he doesn't, then has some suitors as an undrafted free agent.

Maryland football NFL Draft profile: Andrew Zeller tries to find a spot on the offensive line
Zeller is athletic and has good size, but he hasn't gotten a whole lot of draft buzz. He was a steady contributor over his four years at Maryland, and maybe he'll get drafted. But it'll be late in the draft if he does, and it's probably likelier that he winds up landing as an undrafted free agent.

Almost definitely won't get drafted

It's very unlikely these guys hear their names called by Saturday. They'll be hoping for calls from NFL teams after the draft ends, looking to get an invite to training camp.

Maryland football NFL Draft profile: Brandon Ross looks to capitalize on late-season success
Maryland's running back had his best performances at the very end of his senior season, but that won't be enough to catapult him into the draft. He doesn't have any particular attributes or skills that stick out, as he was a well-rounded but not flashy player for the Terps.

Maryland football NFL Draft profile: A.J. Hendy

The safety probably won't get drafted after finishing his only season as a starter. Still, he has rather impressive physical attributes that could lead a team to at least invite him to training camp. From then on, it would be up to Hendy to prove himself.

Maryland football NFL Draft profile: Anthony Nixon could catch on as undrafted free agent
Hendy's partner at safety in 2015 will have an uphill battle finding a roster spot, but could certainly still snag a training camp invite. He lacks Hendy's athleticism, but his experience as a four-year starter should garner some attention from teams.