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You can now watch the construction inside Maryland football's New Cole Field House

Watch the building take shape.

Construction is in full swing on Maryland's "New" Cole Field House, the converted former basketball arena that will become the full-time practice home for the Terps football program sometime around summer 2018.

Maryland has this week installed a live camera stream on its official website, so you can check in with the renovations as they're happening for the next few years.

Here's a screen cap of the inside:

cole field house

And here's the outside, as of April 19:


The project, at least before any cost overruns, is slated to cost $155 million. Most of the funding is private, including $25 million from Under Armour founder Kevin Plank.

The University of Maryland and Maryland's state government will each kick in $25 million each to make up the rest. Any cost overruns, lest the school find another donor, would be on the university or state taxpayers. It's a big project, and it's going to cost Maryland a lot of money even as in-state tuition keeps rising for Maryland students.