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Here's what happens in a day of spring practice with DJ Durkin's Maryland football team

Maryland's head coach gets animated.

Screenshot via BTN

Maryland football's spring practice is over. With the conclusion of the Terps' spring game on Saturday, we won't get another look at DJ Durkin's first Maryland team until August.

On Sunday, BTN released "A Day in the Life of DJ Durkin," and it shows the coach get as animated as we've seen him get so far.


-He gave a speech at the end of practice where a vein on the left side of his neck looked about ready to burst. It appears he does not want to be a coach of a 3-9 team next season.

- Two players line up for a 1-on-1 drill, and almost 10 other guys end up getting involved, including quarterback Perry Hills.

- He's big on urgency. Several scenes of the three-minute video are him yelling at guys to be urgent or go faster.

- "We don't have it yet," he said at the end of practice. "We have some of it, don't have enough of it."

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