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Maryland players get Fatheads of themselves for going to the Quick Lane Bowl

They’re part of the $550-value gift basket each player receives.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Maryland Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland football is in the Quick Lane Bowl, which means the players (and coaches) not only get to travel to play one more game this season, but they also get a bunch of gifts they’d not be allowed to receive in any other scenario.

Each Boston College and Maryland player will receive a gift bag worth $550. Here’s what’s in it, per a bowl release:

FatHead custom wall decal of each player with their likeness

That’s right. Each player gets a custom FatHead of...himself. I’m not sure who’s hanging posters of themselves up on their walls, but hey, no judgement.

JBL Headphones

These are cool. The release doesn’t specify exactly which kind of headphones these’ll be, but they’ll almost certainly be good ones.

$200 Best Buy Gift Card

Paying players is totally illegal though.

Quick Lane Bowl merchandise

Unclear what exactly this means. Probably a bunch of shirts and stuff, which is okay, I guess. College kids love shirts, but Maryland players probably have enough Under Armour attire to put this all to shame.

Quick Lane Bowl commemorative football

Can’t play football without one. Solid gift.

Customized Quick Lane Bowl Detroit-themed commemorative socks

These guys probably have enough socks already, but more socks is never bad.

Each head coach will receive luxury watches from Detroit-based company Shinola and a welcome basket featuring Michigan-made products.

Well hooooold on a second. According to Shinola’s website, their cheapest watch goes for $550. This is buried in the bottom of the press release, but is still a substantial gift. The release doesn’t specify which Michigan-made products the basket contains, so we’ll have to assume it’s full of car accessories and Michigan Mittens.

Somehow this all doesn’t violate NCAA rules.