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Michigan football was better than Maryland in every possible way

Stock report from the Terps’ blowout loss to the Wolverines.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland football went to Ann Arbor on Saturday and got absolutely stomped by Michigan, 59-3. This wasn’t the way DJ Durkin wanted to come back to the place he called home as Michigan’s defensive coordinator in 2015, but this result wasn’t really unexpected.

Maryland couldn’t get any offense going in the game, as the Terps were stumped by Michigan’s top-ranked defense. Maryland’s defense was hopeless to stop Michigan, whether the Wolverines ran or passed. This one was over early, but Maryland fans shouldn’t feel too disheartened by the loss. After all, Michigan visited a 78-0 thumping upon Rutgers back in early October.

Here’s who’s up and who’s down after the loss.

Stock up

Perry Hills, for as long as he was in the game. He was 4-of-4 with 73 yards passing before going out with an injury. This is probably the only good performance the team had, and while it’s certainly due to small sample size, Hills looked fine against the toughest defense in the country. He helped Maryland drive at least somewhat on its first possession, then helped get the Terps deep into Michigan territory before Adam Greene missed a 29-yard field goal. His last pass was a 19-yard completion to D.J. Moore. He then went out after suffering this hit in the second quarter...

Hills, Michigan, injury Via ESPN

...and Maryland’s offense lost whatever efficiency it had.

Almost everyone who plays for Michigan. This was an outrageously good performance for the Wolverines, pretty much by all those involved. Scanning the postgame stats, it’s hard to find a single player on Michigan’s team that didn’t play well. Maryland appeared to get some offense going early, but ultimately scored three whole points on the day. In a 59-3 win, it’s hard to find bad things to say about the Wolverines.

Stock holding

Maryland’s bowl aspirations. The ultimate result of a loss isn’t surprising for the Terps, even if the margin is. Literally no one expected Maryland to win this game, and as long as Hills can recover, the Terps didn’t show anything that should harm their chances of making a bowl game.

Maryland’s run offense. The Terps combined for 78 total yards rushing, easily a season-low. Michigan’s defense was suffocating, as expected, and was able to crack down on Maryland’s outside runs by beating the Terps to the edge. Ty Johnson went out with an injury in the fourth quarter, but it was late enough that the team could have conceivably held him out just because there was no reason to put him back into such a blowout.

Stock down

Maryland’s pass defense. This unit probably avoided some concern thanks to Maryland’s impressively bad run defense, but the Terps played an unequivocally bad game on this end. Maryland got no pass rush and left receivers open all over the field. Michigan quarterback Wilton Speight finished the game with a career-high 392 yards on 19-for-24 passing. This is a secondary playing three freshmen at time, but senior Alvin Hill got burned a few times too.

Maryland’s run defense. This, again, was expected but still shocking. Maryland didn’t have any chance stopping the Wolverines’ attack. Michigan averaged seven yards per carry and gashed the Terps on just about every single run. This wasn’t as awful as the 414 yards Maryland let up against Indiana, but 273 against Michigan is still pretty bad. But unlike Maryland’s pass defense, which seemed better than this, this performance was entirely expected. Unfortunately for the Terps, there isn’t much they can do to magically get better at stopping the run this season. The help won’t come until Joshua Kaindoh and the 2017 recruiting class get to College Park.