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Maryland football coach DJ Durkin condemned his linebacker’s late hit on Penn State’s kicker

Davis’ late hit sent kicker Joey Julius to the ground.

Maryland football linebacker Isaiah Davis was ejected for this hit on Penn State kicker Joey Julius in the the first half of what ended up as a 38-14 loss for the Terps.

Maryland head coach DJ Durkin made his stance on the matter explicitly clear in his postgame press conference.

“If he wasn’t thrown out of the game, he was removed from the game by me,” DJ Durkin said. “He would not have played another snap of the game in any phase. That is not our program. We will not do that. That message had been made and will be made even clearer now.”

Julius has become a small celebrity in the college football world lately, as any 260-pound kicker who levels opposing returners should. But it appears all that attention has come with some unfortunate consequences. Davis is the second player in as many weeks to hit Julius late. A Minnesota player hit him illegally in a similar incident last week, and was also ejected.

Here are Durkin’s full postgame remarks (some audio problems for the first 15 seconds, but the issues should end after that).

Here's DJ Durkin speaking after the Maryland Terrapins loss to Penn State Football:

Posted by Testudo Times on Saturday, October 8, 2016