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5 guesses at what Maryland football’s ‘secret gameplan’ for Penn State could be

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

NCAA Football: Howard at Maryland Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

When a reporter asked D.J. Moore a question about Maryland football’s upcoming game against Penn State on Wednesday, Moore smiled.

“Every week we’re going with a new gameplan,” he said. “This week’s gameplan is ... a secret. But when you all see it, you’re gonna like it.”

What in the world was going through his mind? I have some guesses:

1. Will Likely is going to play every single position against Penn State.

Maryland’s do-it-all corner was the focus of this promotional video going into this week, so he’s clearly been preparing for something big. He hasn’t been able to return punts because no one’s dared to kick him the ball, which only means he has extra energy. What better way to expend that energy than by taking turns at running back, quarterback, punter, offensive tackle and defensive end? I challenge you to find a better way to use his talents.

2. Penn State DE Shane Simmons is actually serving as a sleeper agent for Maryland.

Simmons, the No. 1 2016 recruit in Maryland, was high school teammates with Maryland’s Lorenzo Harrison, Tino Ellis, Terrance Davis and D.J. Turner. He hasn’t registered a stat yet in his brief Penn State career, and is in the perfect position to sabotage the Nittany Lions before defecting back to Maryland, his true home.

3. To be fair to Penn State, Maryland will not play its starting linebackers.

This just what a team with true sportsmanship would do. Penn State will enter Saturday’s game without any of its starting linebackers, all of whom have been lost to injury for at least some period of time. Maryland playing both of its starting linebackers, Jermaine Carter and Shane Cockerille, wouldn’t be fair.

4. A week after rushing for 400 yards, Maryland will not run the ball at all against Penn State. Not even one time.

This is a bold strategy, but think about it. Penn State will totally be expecting Maryland to run the ball. Every time the Terps don’t run the ball, Penn State’s defenders will surely think, “Next play, they’ll run the ball for sure.” But Maryland won’t ever run the ball. It’ll catch the Nittany Lions totally off guard for the whole game.

5. Maryland will try to run the ball outside, push the pace when it’s advantageous and pass when necessary.

I mean, yeah. That’s probably it.

In other news

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