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Michigan State is Maryland football's best shot at making a bowl game

This is the easiest team the Terps will play until Rutgers.

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Sammi Silber / Testudo Times

It's time for the 60th episode of the Testudo Times Podcast, and Maryland football is back to its usual form, sadly.

With Thomas sick, Ryan joined me tonight to go over these topics:

- Just what the heck happened?

- Whether Perry Hills will be healthy enough to start on Saturday, and if not, whether Tyrell Pigrome is good enough to win games for Maryland.

- Where did the running game go?

- What's Will Likely's injury status, and where has his form gone?

- Is this Saturday's game against Michigan State their best chance yet to get that elusive sixth win*? (*assuming they beat Rutgers in the final game of the season, and they should)

We also touched upon Maryland Madness and how Maryland Men's Soccer is No. 1 and unbeaten, which made us feel better about Maryland sports after talking about football for as long as we did. Enjoy the show!

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