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Maryland football brought out the puns on National Signing Day

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Maryland Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland’s 2017 recruiting class has been forming for nearly 11 months, but the program couldn’t publicly mention most of its new players until they sent in their Letters of Intent.

Twenty-one players signed with the Terps during National Signing Day, which meant the team could fire off welcome tweets that had been a long time waiting. Evidently, the social media folks spent time crafting puns.

The tweets ranged from “that’s a nice, subtle reference...” “oh hey, that rhymes...” “this was a bit of a reach...” “his name fits perfectly in this pun...” “let’s do our best impression of Carlos from Magic School Bus.”

Twitter cringes aside, it was a successful National Signing Day for the Terps in DJ Durkin’s first full cycle. Here’s our tracker of everything that happened.

In other Maryland news

The women’s basketball team visits Purdue Thursday night. Here’s our preview.

Mark Turgeon has this habit of hitting half-court shots on camera.

In other National Signing Day news

We all flipped out with Cordarrian Richardson’s commitment to the Terps from outer space, but let’s not forget that a four-star committed to BYU via helicopter landing.

Or that someone committed to Ole Miss by throwing a Mississippi State hat across the room.

Or that someone took off his jacket to reveal a Florida shirt, only he had a Florida State shirt under it, only he had a USC shirt under all of it.

Or that the five-star defensive tackle that decommitted from Michigan because they sent him a thank-you note for attending an event he didn’t attend (and spelled his name wrong) actually signed with the Wolverines in the end even though he accidentally said Miami first.

Or that a lineman named Kobe Buffalomeat exists.

(These are just some personal favorites. Feel free to toss your own in the comments.)