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Maryland football makes top 10 for blue-chip DeMatha ATH Anthony McFarland

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McFarland would be a huge catch for DJ Durkin's program. Expect the Terps to be there all the way to the end.

Anthony McFarland at Maryland's spring game earlier this year.
Anthony McFarland at Maryland's spring game earlier this year.
Alexander Jonesi

The Maryland football program is a top-10 choice for DeMatha Catholic running back and receiver Anthony McFarland, one of the top players in the class of 2017.

Testudo Times spoke with McFarland in April, and the impression given then was that Maryland and Alabama were the two likeliest suitors for him. The Tide want McFarland to be their lightning bolt in a backfield that's sure to have a lot of thunder, and Maryland wants him to contribute in a bunch of ways as a critical member of the class.

Aside from Maryland and Alabama, McFarland's top group includes Ohio State, Michigan, Miami, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Notre Dame and Florida. He's the sort of prospect who will essentially have his pick of the national litter, so DJ Durkin and his staff will need to do a terrific recruiting job to get him to sign.

McFarland has excellent speed and route-running ability, and those combined with his 5'9 stature suggest he might have a future as a slot receiver and a change-of-pace running back, rather than as an every-down ball carrier. But he's so skilled in so many ways that some team's going to be through the roof when it gets him.

McFarland is teammates with Chase Young, who's either the best or second-best defensive end in the country. (The other is five-star Maryland commit Joshua Kaindoh.) Young is considered an Ohio State lean, with Maryland also very much in the picture.