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5-star Maryland DE commit Joshua Kaindoh wants to be a doctor. Let's quiz him on anatomy!

Maryland's getting more than just an outrageously good football player.

Joshua Kaindoh, the five-star IMG Academy defensive end who committed to Maryland in April, is a really good football prospect. His commitment is a huge deal for the Terrapins, who haven't gotten a player like him in years.

But Kaindoh isn't merely a football prospect. He's also -- unless he changes course -- a doctor in waiting, with aspirations to enter medicine after his playing career ends. Kaindoh has expressed interest before in kinesiology, pathology and neurology, and he clearly has an educational and professional plan for himself. (That, like Kaindoh's physique and football talent, isn't normal for 17-year-old rising high school seniors.)

SB Nation's Bud Elliott visited with Kaindoh and fellow Maryland commit Cam Spence at IMG's spring game last weekend. In addition to talking about Maryland's recruiting class and Kaindoh's commitment, the reporter and the players decided to do something much more fun.

Elliott grilled the aspiring doctor on the human anatomy, demanding he match body parts with their scientific nomenclature. How'd the blue-chip football player do? Pretty well. (Honestly: You should watch this video.)