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ouTTakes: Andrew Terrell on Maryland basketball, NBA teammates & more

Our new podcast is back, this time with a Maryland bench legend.

Lila Bromberg / Testudo Times

Welcome back to ouTTakes, a podcast that’s here to discuss Maryland sports from an inside perspective. We’ll be doing the show more regularly this year to shine a different light on Terps sport figures and allow you to get to know them as people.

This time, I sit down with a crowd favorite and undeniable bench legend, Andrew Terrell. The Indiana native joined Maryland basketball as a walk-on in 2015 and quickly gained the hearts of Terp fans with his comedic Instagram posts and antics, which he later brought to life in a blog. He was awarded a full scholarship before graduating in the spring, and he joined me while back in College Park.

Here’s our conversation in the latest episode of ouTTakes, where we discuss high expectations for this year's team, the new 2019-20 uniforms, all the Terps in the NBA and more.

Some highlights from this show:

  • Our conversation starts at the 2:47 mark with an update on Terrell’s life since graduating and his return to College Park.
  • Around 5:28 in, Terrell tells me the orgins of his Instagram and how he turned that into his own blog, The Tilted Bench.
  • The discussion shifts to the upcoming Maryland basketball season at the 8:10 mark, and Terrell gives his take on this year’s squad with a lot of inside info you don't want to miss.
  • At 21:55, we go over the Testudo Times Maryland Ultimate Team graphic, and Terrell explains his choices.
  • Terrell gives his thoughts on the new 2019-20 uniforms at the 26:43 mark, which includes quite the controversial opinion regarding a Maryland staple.
  • We talk about a bunch of Terps in the NBA at the 32:05 mark, all of whom Terrell played with in College Park. Topics include, but aren’t limited to, Kevin Huerter’s rookie season, his excitement to see Bruno Fernando on the Atlanta Hawks and Jake Layman’s free agent signing.
  • And we end things with a round of rapid-fire questions, starting at 48:56.

Thanks for listening! We’ll have more like this for you soon.

Terrell funny Lila Bromberg / Testudo Times