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Testudo Times challenge: Build an all-time Maryland basketball lineup on a budget

What can you do with your $15? Let us know.

Last summer at Testudo Times, we posted a series of polls aimed at building an all-time Maryland basketball team. This year, we tried something a little different.

In this exercise, you have $15 and have to build a starting lineup with the players listed here. We put the five winners of last summer’s polls for the best at each position on the top line, then filled the board with a mix of Terps from all generations.

We’ve gotten more responses than we can keep track of, and it’s been awesome to see the variety in everyone’s lineups. Pretty much all of them revolve around Len Bias, while Keith Booth and Alex Len have been regular value picks on the $1 line. It’s always fun to make people think, although some people have had an unfortunately tough time deciding.

There were some tough omissions here — Keith Gatlin, Ernie Graham, Jordan Williams, Terence Morris, Tony Massenburg and more — but we like the list we came up with. Here are our lineups:

Thomas — John Lucas, Steve Francis, Len Bias, Keith Booth, Bruno Fernando
Lila — Melo Trimble, Kevin Huerter, Len Bias, Keith Booth, Len Elmore
Lamar — John Lucas, Albert King, Jake Layman, Keith Booth, Joe Smith
Sean — Greivis Vasquez, Kevin Huerter, Jake Layman, Len Bias, Bruno Fernando
Justin — Greivis Vasquez, Steve Francis, Dez Wells, Keith Booth, Joe Smith

We also really appreciated those who wrote out the thought process behind their choices, or gave people even more to think about.

What’s your squad? Your bench? Your thought process? Comment below.